Resolutions and Elections


In October of 2022, the 2023 synod convention nomination alert went out. As authorized by the WELS Constitution and Bylaws, the synod Nominating Committee invited WELS pastors; male professors, teachers, or staff ministers; and all voting members of WELS to nominate qualified candidates for various synod boards and commissions.

At its meeting in January 2023, the synod Nominating Committee proposed three candidates for each of these positions. The delegates will elect one candidate for each position at the 2023 synod convention, which begins July 31, 2023.


Each committee is assigned a section of the BORAM and is asked to evaluate its content and/or recommendations; to react to it; and, in most cases, to present formal resolutions or reports to the convention regarding it. Most resolutions will be prepared before the convention takes place. There will be time set aside for committees to meet while at the convention to continue discussing any necessary items.

As committees complete their resolutions and reports this summer, they will be posted privately on the Delegate Online Resource Center. After reports are read and resolutions are voted on at the convention, they will be posted officially below for the public to see.

Reports and Resolutions will be posted below during the convention. 

Nomination Alert

Book of Reports and Memorials

The Book of Reports and Memorials (BORAM) is available online.